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South Ronaldsay – a local’s view…

I rate South Ronaldsay as one of the jewels in the Orkney crown – it’s an island full of character and scenery. Our house is situated in the splendidly named Grimness at the northeast end of the island.  Named after the Norse God Grim (an alternative name for Odin, the

Attractions & Galleries

Whatever time of year you decide to visit Orkney, there is always something for everyone to do. Dive Scapa Flow, visit historical sites, take in a recital or treat yourself to a boat ride and go whale spotting…

Winter draws in and bird numbers soar

Although the exciting southern bound migration is beginning to slow down with the onset of winter, there will still be a movement through for a while yet. At the moment the county is enjoying a widespread irruption of blackcaps. Obviously having enjoyed a successful breeding season they have moved away

Transport & Touring

Plane, boat, car, bus or train – however you choose to travel to Orkney, you are guaranteed a memorable journey. It’s an easy place to get to with fantastic transport links, and with the scenery along the way being so spectacular the miles will simply fly by…