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What you need to know about choosing a kindergarten

Being a parent and making all the best choices for our offspring seems like an easy job to those who are not involved. However, there are so many decisions to make during their development and we always want to make sure we are doing the best we can for them as they are the future of this world but also our pride and joy. Children are like small seeds that when planted need lots of care and encouragement to grow and flourish into the people they are meant to become. One of the places where they prepare for the reality of the world is kindergarten.

What every parent should provide for their preschool child

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If you are looking for the best establishment for your child’s preschool preparation and want to give them the best first years of their educational life, then you are definitely giving a lot of thought to which kindergarten to choose. If you happen to be an English – speaking citizen who for one reason or another has relocated to the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, then you are also looking for an accepting and diverse environment that will treat your child equally with everybody else but also give them the special attention every child needs. Sofia Еnglish-language kindergarten ABC is there for uniting all English speakers from all backgrounds and countries into their tight-knit family of educators, caregivers, parents and children.

Looking for the best in any sense or category is natural for any parent and you can be certain that with this establishment you are definitely choosing the highest quality in preschool education. Your child will also be understood, stimulated to develop their unique qualities, they will feel accepted, entertained and will comprehend how they need to treat others around them by learning social skills.

What can you expect from ABC Kindercare Sofia

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As for the studying part, by partnering with top notch schools around the world and working with devoted and accomplished teachers, ABC Kindercare Sofia will cover all your expectations for high quality learning and child care and development. Here are some of the reasons you should choose this progressive preschool:

  • Inclusivity: as we know it’s difficult to be a foreigner in a country where you don’t even speak the language. You have a different culture, traditions and appearance than everyone else. Since children are too young to understand these differences they should be in a diverse, equal environment where everybody is treated the same but also given individual attention as all boys and girls are special;
  • High quality education: because of their participation in multiple European programs and collaborations with the Preschool Pedagogies and English Language department at Sofia University, ABC Kindercare is able to provide the best educational curriculums for your sons and daughters;
  • Parent inclusivity: as parents it’s important to be a part of your child’s learning and developing process and keep in touch with other parents to exchange ideas and opinions on parenting and other ideas;
  • Variety of activities: not only will your children be exercising important life skills and school-related knowledge but they will also get outdoor activities when the weather allows it to keep actively fit and also have a lot of fun;
  • Individual skill building: every child has a special thing they are good at, abilities that need personal attention and development. Whether it’s drawing, crafting, writing, singing, languages, etc. they will discover it and have the chance and encouragement to pursue their dreams.

So if you are looking for a bright future for your little ones, and you also want an accepting, international environment where they can be themselves and keep climbing the educational ladder, you have definitely come to the right place. ABC Kindercare is the preschool for you.