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End of lease is approaching? Time to organize the cleaning of the property

When we have to move out, to change our current address and start living in a new place, we need to check a large number of tasks. This way, we will be able to open a new page of life without worrying about details like the deep end of tenancy cleaning needed for the correct termination of the contractual relationship.

In addition, every tenants wants to get its deposit back in full, while the landlord to attract reliable clients with which it is pleasant to do business. For the purpose, professional move out cleaning checklist must be seen – there are many of useful services available that can be booked for less, as the final will be excellent in each case.

Which are the procedures that are performed during the cleaning at the end of the rent

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When it’s time for this kind of home cleaning, many things can be done. First thing, of course, this is the inspection of each room and determination of the degree of pollution. After this step is done, it is time to create an action plan, which in its end should be the main reason for the perfect cleanliness that has been achieved. There are some types of procedures that must be applied so that to get your deposit back in full (for tenants) or to offer great living conditions which every future tenant will like. Here is what the move out cleaning checklist includes:

  • Bedroom. There is a lot to clean in this room because it is used constantly – dust, carpet, curtains, walls, lighting fixtures, picture frames, etc.;
  • Bathroom and toilet. Another very “special” area to home where an individual approach is needed. In this case, items like tiles, mirrors, cabinets, radiator rails, shower cabins, metal fittings and other components must be not only carefully cleaned, but also well disinfected;
  • Kitchen. This is the most commonly used room in the apartment where people cook and dine daily, use a variety of appliances to prepare delicious meals, but in the meantime pollute everything around… Last one is an integral part of this whole process which in order to start and finish well needs to be cleaned properly. Move out cleaning is a very appropriate option in this case. It includes emptying the rubbish bins, removing food and fat residues, cleaning of all surfaces with the help of special detergents with effective ingredients;
  • Kitchen appliances. When we use modern and clean technique, the dishes become delicious and their preparation is always pleasant. When we move out, same kind of cleaning must be also performed to impress the landlord who will expect from us a responsible attitude to every detail. Appliances such as oven, fridge, toaster, grill, dishwasher and so need to be properly clean the inside and outside so that they can be used again;
  • Carpets. If in the property there are carpets in the rooms, they must meet the requirements for high hygiene in both cases – when it comes to tenants who are looking for correct termination of the contract and landlords who want to offer their customers the best living conditions.

Window washing is also a good option when we talk about professional move out cleaning checklist. Basically, every single hygiene procedure is a must if the goal is super cleanliness that is visible from afar.

Why choose professional performance

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that professional cleaning is the better option, for sure. That is why it is such a preferred option – the results are guaranteed to be excellent, while the price for this is not too high that we can’t afford it. Fast, easy and cost-effective – specialized move out cleaning is the smartest way to end lease agreement at any time!