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Where to travel in Europe – Part !

There are many amazing top travel destinations in Europe to visit. When we are ready to travel again, have to make a plan that to help us see more places within the holiday planned. In case we prefer to experience some romantic adventure with our beloved one, Paris is probably the most suitable destination in Europe for this aim. You shouldn’t miss the chance to see this place because it is really unique. You will collect unforgettable memories that will keep you inspired for a long time!

Vienna – the capital of Austria that is also very magnificent travel destination to visit when it comes down to European holidays. This place is one of the biggest towns in Europe where you will become a witness of plenty of beauty, magnetism and charm. If you are dreaming of romantic and unforgettable holiday, go there and see all the sights available. Do not miss to visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) that is probably among the most remembering buildings in Viena. Inside the Cathedral you will find perfection in every aspect: the murals, the icons, the symbolism of the details that will make you feel just incredible and you will have a hard time getting out of this place… Because it is more than amazing. And it will leave you breathless!

Of course, in Viena there are many other impressing places like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral for you to see. Even if you are just walking around the center, will make sure that this town is a real work of art. There you will enjoy the marvelous Gothic style, as well as both the arts and culture that are traditional to Vienna. If you like theater, opera, classical music and fine arts, then Vienna is the most suitable destination to visit this year…

Istanbul – a city on two continents! This exotic destination is a very preferred place for a holiday where you should definitely go. Be ready to touch completely different culture that will inspire you and make you feel in a way you have never felt before. Istanbul is also very romantic city, as there you will have the chance to sail on a Bosphorus by boat, enjoying the landmarks around you. Be ready also to eat a lot! Yes, that is right… Turkish cuisine is proverbial, especially when it is about desserts… Together with the gourmet adventure you will experience, the shopping in Istanbul will impress you so much so, that you will want to go to this city more often, even just to buy some small things. Because the trade in Istanbul has become a real art – enjoy it!