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Looking for the best kindergarten for your child? Your best choice would be a place like ABC Kinder Care

Do you remember the excitement on your first day of preschool when you were little? It’s such an emotional moment that makes you happy, nervous and looking forward to spending time with your new friends. Mostly, these first days of kindergarten help prepare us for the next times this will happen in our lives as we change schools and move forward. Although some people prefer looking after their children until they are old enough for first grade, attending preschool has undeniable benefits for their development, socialization skills and wellbeing.

Little boys and girls need to spend time with each other because this is what makes them feel understood and they have the most fun coming up with games to play together. They also learn proper behavior, observing the others and some of the friends they make last them for life. Other benefits are having another adult role model aside from their mom and dad, who teaches them and shows them what is right and wrong.

What is the right kindergarten for you

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Every parent who wants to enroll their child in preschool has thought about what they expect and want their establishment to have. Things get a bit more complicated if you are a foreigner who is an English speaker and is trying to find the best english kindergarten Sofia. Bulgaria has many government preschools but none of them speaks English full time. Another thing is that they quickly run out of spaces. This is why, your best choice would be a place like ABC Kinder Care. That is what can you expect from them:

  • A welcoming and diverse atmosphere where a team of devoted caregivers and teachers do the best to give your children a fulfilling time at daycare;
  • Tightknit family of parents who exchange ideas and observe their little ones’ progress;
  • Modern facilities and a number of skill-developing games and activities;
  • Teaching, following highest standards of education and hiring only experienced professionals;
  • Individual attention to every child whilst also treating them all equally;
  • A place where your daughter or son can make memories and friends for life.

The kindergarten environment lets the kids get used to a routine, which gives them structure and helps them know what’s coming next. Of course, there are many games, activities and fun moments that make the children look forward to coming back the next day. Delicious food, comfy rooms and variety of toys is another definite plus for everyone.

How can you apply

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Once you have made up your mind about the place, applying is easy, especially with ABC Kinder Care. A few simple steps and you have a new pupil in the house. First, there is an online candidate form that needs to be filled out. Secondly, a meeting is arranged for you to look around the premises and meet the headmaster along with the people who will be looking after your little on. After this you can discuss your payment methods, whether you would be paying in advance, how many yearly installments you want to make and how many hours a day would your child be visiting the school.

A bank account of the kindergarten is provided as the only possible transfer and all sums would be paid in euros. After the once time registration fee is settled and all is said and done you can choose a starting date for your child’s first day of kindergarten. ABC Kinder Care has been welcoming kids since 2008 and has grown into now having a few facilities around Sofia. They are a dream come true for all English-speaking citizens, living in Sofia and their children. For them caring for the little ones is a vocation and they will make sure your boys and girls will have an unforgettable time.