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Orkney For Treasure Hunters

Home to painters, potters, furniture makers, jewellers, textile artists and sculptors, Orkney has a wealth of high-quality arts and crafts. It’s a place where traditions are kept alive and individual talents flourish.

The Orkney chair with its woven straw hood and the bride’s cog have been made here for hundreds of years, and you can see local craftspeople making these items today. Wool from North Ronaldsay sheep has kept Orcadians warm for millennia, and now it is turned into colourful textile art as well as cushions, scarves and jumpers.

Visit the studios of Orkney’s painters and you will see the islands interpreted in dozens of different ways – from incredibly detailed realism to mesmerising impressionism.

Orkney’s Neolithic history is reflected in some of the pottery, sculpture and jewellery created on the islands. But in the next studio, you’ll find eye-catching contemporary designs. It’s like opening one treasure chest after another. And if you want to take a little bit of Orkney’s magic home with you, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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