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Tips for wearing a tie

A man is sometimes judged by the style and the way he wears his tie, because it represents his taste. However, wearing this kind of accessory is not at all an easy thing given that certain rules must be addressed.

To avoid a real disaster for your outfit, here are some practical tips that could help you not to make a fashion faux pas.

Choose a tie according to your morphology

The first rule to follow is to respect the proportions of your body. This ensures the harmony of your outfit for the day. If you are rather skinny and / or short, your tie should be between 7.5 to 8.5 cm wide. The ideal length is from 148 cm to 150 cm. So your look will not be too heavy.

Corpulent, tall and skinny men should wear a tie that is at least 8.5 cm wide. Avoid wearing a small tie, as it does not suit your size. In addition, if you are long and slim, this kind of accessory will make you even slimmer.

To embellish your outfit, try to wear a tie that contrasts with your complexion, your eyes and your hair. If you have slightly dark hair and a dull complexion, it is better to wear a light tie. On the other hand, if you are blond with fair skin, choose a dark tie.

You can even tie a knot depending on the shape of your face. For example, wide knots like the Windsor are suitable for oval, triangular or even rectangular faces. For men with a long face, it is best to tie their tie with a semi-Windsor knot. Finally, too thin ties and too slender knots make a rounded face disappear visually.

Choose a tie according to the collar of your shirt

The tie and the shirt collar are two inseparable elements. Indeed, as the tie is tied around the collar, it must suit its size. For a larger collar, you must therefore adopt a tie that is large in proportion. Do not hesitate to buy a model that is at least 8.5 cm wide. For small shirt collars, opt for a thin tie less than 7.5 cm wide.

One important thing: always choose a necktie based on your shirt. It has to be darker in color than the clothing. Be aware that tone on tone is an old-fashioned trend. Therefore, avoid putting white on white or black on black.

To be fashionable, choose a tie that has larger patterns if you want to wear a patterned shirt. But if you have trouble selecting the kind of patterns, opt for a model with a common color to the shirt.

The most used materials

As the tie is available in several models, it is sometimes difficult to find the one that suits your personality and style. But in general, be aware that there are four types of fabrics for ties.

The best-known material is silk. It is a filamentous substance obtained by the secretion of the silkworm. This fabric has multiple advantages. It is flexible to the touch, slightly satiny, does not crease and always remains noble. Note that the majority of businesspeople wear a silk tie. It gives your outfit a very formal look, because the fabric is shiny and better captures light. Thus, the silk tie is noticed at first sight.

Then we have the wool, cotton or knitted tie that offers a side that is both authentic and vintage. In addition, this type of tie is less conventional. You can wear it every day or on less formal occasions. Your look will be casual and chic. Do not forget to put a pocket square or a wool bow tie to bring a more relaxed touch. However, it is sometimes difficult to find a costume that matches this kind of fabric. In addition, the cotton tie tends to wrinkle quickly.

Finally, we have the polyester tie which is a synthetic textile fiber. It is a solid, flexible and widely used material in the fashion field. The problem is that the ties made with this kind of fabric are sometimes low-end. So, if you adopt this tie, do not forget to untie the knot so as not to see the fold appear. Otherwise, in addition to being cheap, polyester ties also have the advantage of being long lasting.