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Looking for shopping trip or a romantic vacation with your beloved? Go to Europe and enjoy its spirit!

Speaking about exciting holidays, we can’t skip the European destinations that are a choice number one for many of us. When we start planning our next unforgettable trip, we are wondering where to go and how to spend our vacation. Trying to make the best decision, we research the market for good tourist offers so that to pay less but to experience pleasant moments with our beloved ones at some amazing holiday resort. Today we would like to rank the top travel destinations in Europe for you to visit, as our main goal is to make your choice as easy as possible. Stay here and find out where to go in Europe so that to collect unforgettable memories, as well as to feel the spirit of the family vacation in full!

When it comes down to European holiday destination, Florence in Italy is maybe the most visited place by holiday makers.  There you will find plenty of beauty and a lot of possibilities to have fun. If you are interested to learn more about the Italy culture and traditions, visit Florence and your holiday will be one of the most exiting you have ever experienced…

Santorini in Greece. People who like the romance and the sea resorts will be impressed by this holiday destination. It is a typical summer vacation point where you will able to enjoy touching the soul sunny moments with your family. Walking down the small winding streets with a surprising end, you will feel like you are the main character of a fairy tale. The scene of fairy of blue nuances will help you fully relax within your summer holiday, as every time when you need a little rest, you will remember this place and will want to visit it again!

Spain – a country of sunny people and scent of spring… Wherever you go in Spain, you won’t want to leave. Getting back home, you will think about this lovely place all the time and will also dream of visiting it once again. We highly recommend you to go to Barcelona, because the town is ranked as one of the most beautiful in Europe. Being there, you will be faced with the Spain culture, traditions and religion, as if you are wondering what will be the opportunities for you to have fun there, take a note that they are unlimited… Enjoy the delicious food and the many pubs that are open pretty long after sunset. Feel the magic of Barcelona and spend your family vacation there.