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What is the quickest way to get rid of mice?

Mouse infestations are undoubtedly among the most obnoxious domestic and residential concerns of humans for centuries now. Many people did many experimenting on different mouse repelling tactics throughout the ages, yet the majority of them were not somewhat successful.

When researching the issue, you will stumble upon tens and hundreds of alternative options, such as using peppermint solutions, dryer sheet stuffings, oil-soaked cotton balls, hot peppers, and so on. The truth is, you better don’t waste your precious time with empty hopes and cheap DIY tricks.

Domestic mice invasions will require you to act swiftly, intelligently, and with a zero procrastination period. Why? Because the little rodents can carry tons of illnesses and bacteria and impact your health in not such an enjoyable way. So, how are you supposed to act? You have two options.

# 1 Managing the situation on your own

First, try to find the entry point for the mice and seal it properly. There might be a hole in the roof, a crack in the wall, or simply an uncut branch near your window. Finding the weak point will stop more mice from entering your house, which is somewhat crucial for the ultimate success.

Then, set several mice traps. They don’t need to be super-fashionable or very expensive – the good old mousetrap is still doing a pretty good job. Place the traps near the suspected entry point, load it with a proper bait, and wait for the magic to happen. Some excellent mice baits that are proven to attract rodents include oatmeal, dried fruit, peanut butter, chocolate, or whatever the mice were eating from your food stock.

With a sealed entry point and correctly set traps, you might be lucky enough to regain control and get rid of the annoying rodents. But what if you are not that lucky? Then, it comes time for considering option number two.

# 2 Call the professional pest control

Put shortly – trusting an educated, certified, and skilled mice control service provider truly is the quickest way to get rid of mice. What is more, the professionals will manage the situation very efficiently and in a manner that is designed to be safe for you, your children, your pets, and your home.

Using bait stations with a poisonous rodent bait is frequently thought to be an uncomplicated way to handle mice infestation without external help. The truth is that it includes many hazards, especially if you are inexperienced or are currently sharing home with children, elderly family members, or different pets. Professional pest control in Lambeth and the rest of London will guide you through the process and ensure your safety. All you need to do is act rapidly and avoid growing an entire mice army before seeking expert help with the problem.